Stoptix is a Brake Light that Warns of Upcoming Collisions Before the Foot Even Sets on the Brakes

Stoptix is a Brake Light that Warns of Upcoming Collisions Before the Foot Even Sets on the Brakes

The Stoptix automatic brake light prevents collisions coming from the rear-end of a car before they even happen as it warns drivers with what is about to happen. The light is designed to alert other motorists that they are too close with the car or automobile in front of them, even when the vehicle’s brakes have not yet been applied.

There are a lot of circumstances wherein vehicles lead to rapidly slow down, in which case braking is one of them. Running out fuel, collisions, a simple roll of the throttle, sudden mechanical failure, or downshifting can catch traffic users off guard at any moment. Accidents are even more prominent if those coming from behind fail to keep up with the sudden change in the safe distance between the vehicle in the front and in the rear.

With Stoptix Automatic Brake Light, Many Road Accidents Are Less Likely to Occur

Stoptix is developed by Mech Optix from Huntsville, Alabama. They have developed the device specifically for preventing certain accidents which mainly involves deceleration prior to breaking. The time between the vehicle slows down and the activation of the brake lights can become the determining factor if an accident is about to occur or not. This time will also be the definitive factor if the motorist in the rear can act quick enough for a save evasive maneuver, thus preventing a rear-end collision.

The Stoptix brake light is created to detect the deceleration of the vehicle, and will light up regardless if the brakes are applied or not. Within the intricate mechanisms of this device lies an electronic circuit which contains the light bulb coupled with the deceleration sensor. There is also an LED light connected to its own power source. The battery of the device can hold a charge for a maximum of 3 hours. Motorists who have this automatic brake light as this does not mean that the light on the device will die out quickly. When it says “a maximum of 3 hours,” it means a practice of about 20 seconds of continuous lighting and then quickly recharges itself when the driver hits the brakes.

Needless to say that the Stoptix automatic brake light will always be able to do its job. It will always be charged and ready whenever possible. It will be able to perform all the tasks subjected to a tail/brake light. The device is also weatherproof and shines brighter than the average incandescent bulb.


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