Status Audio CB-1 Review – Not the Fanciest Looking Headphones, But They do Sound Good

When it comes to the looks of the Status Audio CB-1, they look pretty generic and you would easily mistake them for your “run-of-the-mill” type of headphones. That being said, its design do not do justice when talking about its audio quality. For those who have heard how the good the sound quality from the company’s own HD2 premium over-the-ear consumer headphones, you might easily pass up on trying out the CB-1. Do not make that mistake.

Status Audio CB-1 Review - Not the Fanciest Looking Headphones, But They do Sound Good

Don’t Pass up on the Status Audio CB-1 Despite How Plain it Looks

Just like what the company advertises, the Status Audio CB-1 are closed-back, over-the-ear headphones that have a neutral audio profile. This is what you would typically want when you are doing studio work. The audio is well balanced, which makes for a great choice when listening to a wide array of musical styles. Furthermore, since the sound performance is neutral, you can typically use them throughout the day without getting fatigued. Also, the pair id placed at a reasonable price point so you would automatically forgive it for its plain looks.

However, if you’re used to other consumer headphones that have a more pumped-up bass profile, or have accentuated vocials, then the Status Audio CB-1 Headphones might sound a bit dull for you. Furthermore, these particular headphones are not able to seal out as much external noise as the likes of the M50x. Simply put, it is placed in a category wherein the M50x makes for a better choice but that’s for people who don’t mind shelling out the extra cash. But if you’re in a tighter budget but still want to take on great audio performance, then the CB-1 will be your safest bet.

As mentioned earlier, the headphone looks really plain. There is no hint of company branding found on the device. Even though this design choice is completely intentional, you can’t stay away from the fact that the still look pretty generic. However, putting them on and they bring about a good amount of comfort, which is mostly due to the hefty ear pads that are made to be slimmer at the front and they get wider at the back. Therefore, the unit is able to hug the curve of your head nicely. The headband is also well-padded so you would have no problem wearing the device hour, after hour, after hour.

If design is a key part of your search for a neutral-sounding headphone, then you might want to shy away from the Status Audio CB-1. But if you don’t mind its plain design in order to get great sound quality, then this is your safest bet.


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