Star Wars: Battlefront Review – Relive the Cinematic Glory

Perhaps the only thing that is new with regards to the feel of Star Wars: Battlefront is that it has a Star Wars feel to it. As for the gameplay itself, there’s practically nothing new about it if you’ve already experienced Battlefield 4.The graphics quality, on the other hand, is great. DICE, the developers behind this videogame, uses advanced lighting and material-based rendering techniques to bring the Star Wars realm to life in a way that no other game within the videogame franchise ever did before.

Star Wars: Battlefront Review - Relive the Cinematic Glory

Star Wars: Battlefront is Battlefield 4 With a Star Wars Reskin

Star Wars: Battlefront is something of a paradox. There are parts that prove to be a disappointment. There is a very simplistic offering with the multiplayer shooter that has shallow depth with gameplay. Also, there is no meaningful single-player content. It has a spectacular and cinematic feel to it, and despite the lack of depth within the game, it still offers great fun.

On the other hand, the graphics quality is something to be expected of a DICE game. If you love the look and feel of the Star Wars universe, then you’re going to absolutely love Battlefront. You might not find yourself playing the game after a few months, but you can’t pass up on it either.

If you want to get an idea on how the graphics plays out, picture this – every time a grenade gets thrown, a Stormtrooper or a member of the Rebel faction gets thrown into the air with flailing arms; every time an A-wing crashes into the ground, you will feel like it just got blown to bits beside you; and every time Boba Fett storms the battlefield to wipe out rebel scum, you will jump for joy for the accuracy and detail of the character.

But the game plays more like a reskin of Battlefield 4. Everything from the movement, to the entire shooting system, has been tweaked and transformed a bit to fit the Star Wars look. If you’re not a Star Wars fan and would feel like the game is a rip-off of Battlefield right at the onset, then perhaps this game is not for you.

Star Wars: Battlefront is a polished, accessible, and slick game that makes use of the characters and environment from the immensely popular Sci-FI title. Even though the game does lack a bit of depth, any true-blood Star Wars fan will absolutely love playing this title.


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