Afterpulse Review – A Slightly More Forgiving Shooter

Afterpulse looks and feels like your arena-based shooter. Gamevil, the game’s developer, made sure that players are engulfed in a familiar playstyle right off the bat. It displays the typical industrial style setting with aircraft hangers aplenty. There are lots of corners to hide from enemies and the grayish-brown color tone of the game takes a shine on the iOS. In a matter of seconds, it would feel like a shooter that you have been playing for many years now, even though you might have just downloaded it today.

Afterpulse Review - A Slightly More Forgiving Shooter

Afterpulse Aims to Recreate the Familiar Playstyle of Shooters

With Afterpulse, it feels a semblance that there has been no progress to the game beyond unlocking more arenas and weapons. It gives off that feeling of being an “all-in-one” shooter but in an extremely compact package.

For controls, movement is handled with a virtual directional pad on the left of your mobile device and firing your weapon is as simple as holding your thumb down on the right of the screen. Gamevil made things pretty simple with this game when it comes to control functions. There is only one type of contest on offer and that is the deathmatch.

Rounds in deathmatch will last about no more than three minutes on average. This is perfect for mobile gamers who like this category of gaming. While being a typical mobile game, Gamevil also made an energy system but this only applies to single player arenas. For multiplayer battles, you can play as long as you want without worry of depleting your energy.

Simplicity may be the game’s strongest point but it also give it a weak edge. In-game action is not as intense as with other mobile shooters. Why? Because the targeting system has an automatic lock-on function and will stay on your enemies as long as you have them in view of your screen. This means that even if you move around, or even if you just stand still on one spot, when your enemy comes into screen then you can pretty much kill them.

This defeats the challenge brought about by many shooters, mobile or not. Even those who are entirely new to the genre will find themselves killing player after player without so much as a sweat. Just keep the thumb on the weapon firing button, move around a bit, and that’s it.

Afterpulse looks like a typical shooter but is made to be oversimplified. Graphics are forgiving and they even look pretty decent. The fun can last for a few hours then you might find yourself deleting it afterwards.


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