Speeding up with the Tesla S P90D

Speeding up with the Tesla S P90D

The Tesla S P90D has been put out in a spin. Electric cars are not a new thing, but it has yet to make it into the mainstream, and gain the popularity it deserves. With the rising prices of fuel all over the world, and the increasing awareness to keep our planet safer and habitable place to live in, the advent of electronic cars should have caused much stir in the market. However, electronic cars are rarely found in our streets. Yet, manufacturers all over the world have given on the idea as it can benefit not only our planet, but also our own pockets in the long run.

In spite of the advantages that electric cars offer, many still have qualms in getting one them selves. The launch of the Tesla S P90D made people to see just how well it goes, but there were still a some hesitation in acquiring one. SO what better way to prove just how amazing this car actually than by putting it on a test drive? A test driver decided to put it out on a spin, and the results were a lot better than one expects. The first things ones notices with any electric car is that it produces less noise than fuel-based cars do. But the Tesla S P90D is more than just a quiet car, it can actually match the performance and speed of the legendary McLaren F1. Yep, this car is built to match the speed of any race car while keeping our environment clean.

It also has a cool and chic design that can match any luxury cars. The Tesla S P90D sure looks very sexy, and classy at the same time. In just 3 seconds, it can accelerate for more than 60 Mph, so any speed junkies will love this putting this out on the road. So where does it get its name? The P stands for Performance, 90 means the 90 kilowatt-hour battery pack which has a range of 6%, and the D talks about its dual-motor setup which allows all-wheel drive.

It may not be the newest electric cars around, but it is hailed as one of the best. Perhaps now that it has delivered all the expectations people have on the electronic cars, it may soon be found in the mainstream and in the streets.


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