SoundMagic Vento P55 Review – True to Form With Fantastic Value

If you want to get the Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 but can’t handle its price, then consider the SoundMagic Vento P55. The P55’s price is much lower than what you would normally get for a full-sized headphone while still being able to offer some style. The price is not the only feature to like about this headphone as there is also comfort and a low-key design.

SoundMagic Vento P55 Review - True to Form With Fantastic Value

The SoundMagic Vento P55 Offers Great Audio Quality at a Very Reasonable Price

The SoundMagic Vento P55 comes from a small Chinese-based company and it a bit of an underdog. It still continues to take on the likes of Sennheiser and Sony in introducing audio listening devices into the market. It is able to compete with the big wigs in the industry due to its price. But when it comes to other areas, well, that’s another story.

With the Vento P55, things get a little bolder. The company is trying to carve a distinct identity with this one. If you’re the type to have complained about SoundMagic’s style of headphones in the past, then you can’t complain too much here. There is a labeling in the left and right channels that has colored plastic, which although adds to the design, may not be necessary to be there in the first place. But when it comes to the basics, then the portable headphone can deliver them all.

It bridges the gap between over-the-ear and on-ear headphones when talking about its size. It has very comfortable foam pads that sit on both on and around the ears. This type of style can first be seen on the first-generation Sennheiser Momentum, in which the company had removed in favor to be placed on the Momentum 2.0.

As for its sound quality, it is a step up above other SoundMagic headphones. Tonally speaking, it does make for the right audio quality. The bass is lean but also deep, and it is punchy in a reasonable level as well. For the treble, they are well-extended without any unnecessary sharpness.

However, the mids sound more intense. There is a strong emphasis on the P55 providing definition as compared to others providing softer sounds. While it is great as the company is trying to make their headphone a great contender in the market, this type of audio can hasten listener’s fatigue. Therefore, you will be prone to remove the headphone from your head after only a few hours of listening.

Sound, build quality, and design are all very ambitious for the SoundMagic Vento P55, and it is making the headphone stand out more than the company’s other model. However, audio is not easy on the ear and can promote fatigue at a faster rate.


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