Sony’s Xperia Z5 Shows Most Content in 1080p For a 4K Handset

Sony's Xperia Z5 Shows Most Content in 1080p For a 4K Handset

The much awaited Sony Xperia Z5 promises to deliver 4K viewing experiences in a portable mobile phone package. However, several reports claim that the device shows most content only at 1080p resolution. So the question is, is the company trying to pull one over its customers? The answer is a Yes and a No.

 Is Sony Trying to Offer a Complete 4K Experience With Their Xperia Z5?

Sony did promise a 4K resolution screen for the Xperia Z5, but that would only be for photos and videos. All other content would still be displayed in 1080p resolution. So is this a bad thing that the company didn’t immediately tell people about this?

Again, not quite. For those who know about 4K viewing technology, they will know that viewing 4K photos and videos is very taxing for any device. Hence, Sony’s upcoming high-end Xperia phone reduces other content to 1080p so that the handset can still provide what could probably the most redeeming quality for their Z mobile phone lineup – the 2-day battery life.

Many people who have tried and tested the Xperia Z handsets know for sure that they are getting what they paid for when it comes to battery life. One of the major flaws of today’s smartphone technology is that owners have to continuously charge their phones. Some handsets even require multiple charging sessions in a single day. However, the Z-series promises, and still delivers, their 2-day battery life promise.

Due to the 4K viewing experience being limited to only looking at photos and videos, does that mean that the Z5 is not a worthy buy?

Again, you’re looking at a mobile phone that can last for 2-days even with moderate to heavy usage. That feature alone will sell to just about anybody looking to reduce their charging sessions with their mobile devices. With this phone, you will no longer fret over looking for a suitable charging spot all the time as you would be confident that you can still reach home to charge even when the device is complaining that it’s on low-battery.

Other than its supreme battery life, the Xperia Z5 still holds one of the best smartphone technologies packed into one handset. Its 27-megapixel camera can deliver amazingly sharp images for a smartphone and it delivers fast autofocusing functions. Add that with a f/2.0 aperture for the on-camera lens on the phone, and you can get good low-light shots even without the use of the phone’s flash.

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