Sony SRS-X77 Tries to Close the Gap on Other Leading Speakers

The Sony SRS-X77 has a minimalistic design right at the onset which is great for speaker-fans and music lovers alike to save up on space, and still listen to quality music. It does have a Wi-Fi antenna that will pop-up at its back (which kind of kills the modern design by a bit), but it is rather unassuming unless you really take a good look at it. The antenna serves as to increase the range of capturing signals from the home’s Wi-Fi router. Hence, if you live in a fairly large house and you want to place this wireless speaker a bit away from the router, then you would most probably have very little to worry about. The design has a similar aesthetic as that of the Sonos Play:1 colors, which means it will go well with just about any interior decor. It is made by Sony, but no branding can be seen at the front. In fact, the only thing you’ll see right off the bat is the speaker grill that drapes along the front of the device. The speaker has a silver color on the front and on the sides, but its black at the back.

Sony SRS-X77 Tries to Close the Gap on Other Leading Speakers

The Sony SRS-X77 Produces Great Sounds and Has a Minimalistic Design

The controls of the Sony SRS-X77 can be found at its top. The top is coated in glossy, black plastic, which is somehow not the best choice of material as it will be a magnet for fingerprints. The controls are touch sensitive, but there is one physical button at the top which is used to turn the device on or off.

With a tap of the finger, it will allow users to adjust the volume, or connect the SRS-X77 speaker to a nearby network. It has Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi, and an aux jack. At the back, it has a power connection, an Ethernet port, a USB socket, and a 3.5-millimeter aux input. It should also be noted that the USB port has only one purpose – to keep your smartphone charged while the mobile device is streaming music. In other words, you can’t connect your handset directly to the speaker with a wired connection through the USB port.

The Sony SRS-X77 has something that the Sonos does not – Bluetooth connectivity. This is where Sony’s new wireless speaker really shines. While it does sport this feature, sound quality is still a bit off from what Sonos can offer.

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