Revolights Lets You See and Be Seen

With Revolights, it turns night biking into a safer and more fun experience. Many bike riders like to ride during nighttime, but there is the disadvantage of trying to constantly evade reckless drivers who think they own the road when the sun goes down. But with this new system, you will always be seen even in the dead of night. Most bikes are equipped with reflectors and tiny taillights so that motorists can evade cyclists during the night. However, these are not quite as effective as compared to having your own bike lighting system. And what better way to change the way you ride your bike at night than to let your bike generate light in a unique but incredible fun fashion.

Revolights Lets You See and Be Seen

Always Be Safe When You Go for a Night Bike Ride With Revolights

Revolights consists of 4 LED rings, two white and two red. These mount to the front and back tires of your favorite bike. These lights are weather-resistant and very durable. It is made with strong Zytel 101. So you need not worry about riding your bike in dark, rough terrains as these lights will still work wonders for you. The lights are available for 27-inch and 26-inch road and commuter bike wheels. These are powered with a set of USB-rechargeable lithium ion batteries.

Speaking of the batteries, these can be removed for easy charging. So you don’t have to trouble yourself of trying to connect a cord to your bike’s wheels just to charge the lighting system’s batteries. A full-charge will last about over 4 hours. The Revolights bike lighting system is bracket-mounted and will connect to the front and rear hub of the bike. It also has a built-in accelerometer which tracks your speed. It will also alert the back light to flash whenever you slow down. This mechanism is a first-of-its-kind brake light for bicycles. Practically speaking, anyone who still can’t see you when you have this lighting system mounted on your bike should not be driving on the road.

With the system’s 360-degree lighting, bikers will immediately be noticed by pedestrians and motorists. Use of the lights are completely legal. Furthermore, the lights are latched securely in place which also makes it theft-resistant. Revolights is a revolutionary light biking system built for the safety of all bike riders, especially for those who do a lot of night bike riding. Always ride worry-free with this lighting system.


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