Sony RX1R II Review – A Full-Frame Compact Digital Camera

There may be some who won’t go back to digital compact cameras ever since they get to try out a DSLR, but then, they might not have tried out the Sony RX1R II. It aims to put disbelievers of what compact cameras can handle to rest. Simply speaking, it has the same full-size sensor as the Canon 5D MKIII.

Sony RX1R II Review - A Full-Frame Compact Digital Camera

The Sony RX1R II Has a Full-Frame Sensor Just Like the Canon 5D MKIII

The Sony RX1R II is the follow-up of the Sony RX1. This compact-sized digital camera adds in a bunch of features as opposed to its predecessor. It includes an ingenious pop-up viewfinder and an optical low-pass filter that users can switch off anytime they want. But even though the size of the camera is enough to fit in your pocket, the price tag may not be as compact. After all, a premium sensor should go for a high-end price.

As for the build quality on the RX1R II compact camera, it is something that you would expect from Sony. It is well-made and has an intuitive feel to it. It makes you not want to put it down, and it’s not just because it will cost you loads of cash to get it either.

A slight glance at the camera and you will ask yourself, “So what’s new in this?” That is, if you don’t already know what the RX1R II is capable of. It borrows the same clever technology that was found on the RX100 IV. The EVF (or Electronic Viewfinder) will pop-out as opposed to sticking out all the time. Still on the EVF, it has a 2.4-million dot resolution and a 0.74x magnification. This means that it does not come compromised compared to the likes of the original RX1.

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The image quality is as what you can expect from a full-frame sensor. There is a mammoth scope for cropping during post-processing with the images taken with the RX1R II. Rather than the 24-megapixels found in the RX1, Sony gave RX1R II a 42.4-mgeapixel sensor. That’s almost double the level of sharpness and detail for each photograph taken. ISO sensitivity can go from 100 to a very generous 25,600. There’s also the variable optical low-pass filter which is used to stop more noise in photos. Even though it can be turned off, shutterbugs may want to keep it on at all times.

The Sony RX1R II is a very impressive beast for a compact digital camera. Once you get a hold of it and start using it, you will get to feel the immense shooting power of this tiny mammoth.


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