Canon PowerShot G9 X Review – A Compact Camera Boasting of Performance

If you’re looking for a compact camera that is capable of taking CSC-grade images, then check the Canon PowerShot G9 X out. This is an alluring alternative to Sony’s own RX100 line. It is a stylish, 1-inch sensor compact digital camera that has about half the price tag of the Sony RX100 IV.

Canon PowerShot G9 X Review - A Compact Camera Boasting of Performance

The Canon PowerShot G9 X is an “Advanced” Compact Camera

The design of the Canon PowerShot G9 X is pretty close to that of the company’s PowerShot S120, which is an ultra-compact model. However, the latter has a smaller 1/1.7-inch sensor as compared to the former’s 1-inch sensor. However, both models are tiny enough to fit in just about any pocket.

The PowerShot G9 X is only 31-millimeters thick, which is 10-millimeters thinner than that of the already compact Sony RX100 IV. Also, it doesn’t look half bad either. Those interested in getting the G9 X can get them in either two-tone silver, tan, or the more conservative all-black.

Canon has made some serious thought with regards to the design of the G9 X. It achieves great balance as the camera is serious enough to handle a fling of the aperture from the lowest to the highest setting in a quick movement. However, it is casual enough that it will fit comfortably inside your pocket. Perhaps the only things missing here are the exposure dial, the rear D-pad, and the viewfinder.

The G9 X also achieves a lower price as compared to its competitors. However, this lowered cost does not come without sacrifices. For instance, the attached lens is not as versatile as other 1-inch sensor compact cameras. The comparison also includes the similarly priced Canon PowerShot G7 X.

The lens has a focal length of 28 to 84-millimeters and offers a max aperture of f/2 to 4.9. The aperture is slower than that of the G5 X which has a maximum aperture of f/1.8 to 2.8. Still, the camera offers a great deal of diversification when compared to other similar devices in the 1-inch sensor market. The recent batch of such devices were aimed at the higher-end markets, whereas the G9 X comes into the scene with a more favorable price tag.

With the Canon PowerShot G9 X, it offers a whole new definition of the term “compact.” While it does have its own set of flaws, they can be dealt with to some degree. Overall, it is a great performer for the compact digital camera class.


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