Sony RX100 IV Review – The Company’s Way of Continuing to Dominate the Compact Camera World

The RX100 series has been Sony’s long-time flagship Cyber-shot compact, and now we get the 4th iteration in the lineup with the Sony RX100 IV. It’s latest addition is a new 1-inch stacked CMOS sensor, which is also found in the RX10 II bridge camera. This enables a whole range of high-speed relating shooting functionalities. But for those interested in getting this compact camera should be prepared to shell out premium cash to purchase this device.

Sony RX100 IV Review - The Company's Way of Continuing to Dominate the Compact Camera World

Does the Sony RX100 IV Have the Features to Justify Its Hefty Price Tag?

If you’ve already known how the RX10 II works, then you might have a clear idea of how the Sony RX100 IV will work as well. The High Frame Rate, or HFR mode, will allow users to record videos at 250, 500, or even 1000fps. When these videos are played at a regular 50fps, they will be in silky smooth slow-motion.

This feature is an absolute fun to use. It will have you hunting for fast moving objects then capture them all in very smooth slow-motion videos. To give you some examples to get you started, you can video water balloons popping, cars that drive blazingly fast, or you can even take a video of your local basketball team and watch them fight over the ball in smooth slow-motion. However, there are no sound when taking these videos and the image quality will suffer a bit when you record at faster speeds. Still, the effect remains truly impressive.

for the shutterbugs that can’t seem to get their finger away from the shutter button, the battery of the RX100 IV will run down really fast when you’re shooting so many frames in a drastic fashion. But if you’re just taking still or a regular video at normal speeds, then the battery can hold out with an excellent staying power.

The new sensor in the camera will also allow you to shoot at Ultra-HD 4K resolution. For speeds when taking 4K video, you can shoot 1/32000 of a second. In theory, you can take a footage of a very-fast moving object with motion blur. But you will, of course, need to have very good lighting for that. Also, the camera’s extremely fast and accurate autofocus delivers sharp images, even from fast moving objects.

The Sony RX100 IV is a pocket-friendly camera that offers plenty. Perhaps the only problem here is the premium price tag. But if you’re a Sony fan when it comes to their compact digital cameras, then know that this one is an absolute must-buy.


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