Sony h.ear on MDR-100AAP Review- Striking Design, Limited Sound Isolation

For those who want a higher-end sound, the Sony h.ear on MDR-100AAP may be just right up your alley. These are full-sized headphones that have an audio performance that is comparable to higher-end devices but are placed at a mid-range price. Those who are interested in purchasing these headphones can get them in striking colors such as pinky purple, teal, orange, and yellow. However, for those who want the standard approach can still get them in that classy looking black.

Sony h.ear on MDR-100AAP Review- Striking Design, Limited Sound Isolation

The Sony h.ear on MDR-100AAP Produces High-End Sound at a More Reasonable Price

When you get to hear the name of the Sony h.ear on MDR-100AAP, you might immediately assume that these are on-ear headphones. However, they are the larger kind and have pads that sit around your ears rather than on them. When comparing the on-ear and in-ear types, these around-the-ear types are among the ones that give the least issues in terms of comfort.

Sure enough, the MDR-100AAP headphones are indeed comfortable. Those who even wear glasses can easily find these headphones to give great comfort. Even with glasses are worn, the headphones can be worn for a few hours without experiencing fatigue.

The comfort is much due to its weight. There is a thin cover of aluminum that is found on the rear of each ear cup. Most of the construction of the headphones, however, is in plastic. The plastic material does not feel luxurious, but it does not feel cheap either. The padding on the headband and on the cups are topped with faux leather.

When planning to purchase these headphones, do not base your decision on its quoted frequency ranges that are stated on the packaging. Furthermore, even though the MDR-100AAP and the Sony MDR-1A uses the same 40-millimeter drivers, they are tuned differently from each other.

The audio emitted by the MDR-100AAP is different but it strikes a sweet balance. It does have a little bit of extra bass in the sounds but it is not that dramatic to give the audio a punchy effect. The treble is detailed but is also relaxed.

While most of the things that can be said about the Sony h.ear on MDR-100AAP are good, there is one area that should have been improved upon and that is the sound isolation. These are clearly portable headphones, but it could do better in blocking out external sounds. Those who play music while in a noisy environment, such as riding a train during rush hour, will find themselves jacking up the volume to compete with the noise.


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