Netatmo Welcome Review – Leading the Pack in Smart Home Security Systems Everywhere

So what’s special about the Netatmo Welcome? For starters, there are no subscription services needed to get the device’s most useful features. Interested buyers will pay only once, and that is for the device; and that’s it. It is also able to use facial-recognition technology that will eliminate those annoying false-positive notifications (or phantom notifications). The premise for the security system is simple, but it is why it is in the best of its class.

Netatmo Welcome Review - Leading the Pack in Smart Home Security Systems Everywhere

The Netatmo Welcome Could be One of the Simplest, Yet Most Useful Smart Home Security System in Today’s Market

The design of the Netatmo Welcome wins points for a camera that doesn’t look like one. For some, it looks like a fancy cylindrical router found on the far edge of a room than a device that is able to record your every movement. When you stare at it for more than a few seconds, then the lens will become obvious.

Setting the Netatmo Welcome Security System is a breeze. Just install the app into your mobile device and follow its instructions. However, there is one challenge that you have to face depending on where you put the device. The company states that the camera should be in a place wherein there are no strong sources of light. What happens is that it will send out a ton of phantom notifications, especially if you place the camera in front of the TV while you’re watching your favorite show.

Do not take this as a flaw as this only means that the Welcome is very clever when it comes to its facial-recognition feature. Simply speaking, it can recognize those faces displayed on your TV screen then send you notifications. It just goes to show how accurate the device is at telling the difference between faces and just about anything else.

After about a week or two of continuous use, the app and the device will learn the faces that come and go. When it recognizes a new face, it will then create a profile within the app. Users can then register the new face when the notification pops up.

The Netatmo Welcome is an ingenious and highly effective security system that looks inconspicuous with its slim and modern design. Owners should be forewarned, however, as to when you get a new haircut as this might throw off the facial-recognition feature a bit. Overall, this is one of the best security devices that you can get in today’s market.


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