Sondors THIN Electric Bike – THIN is in

The Sondors THIN Electric Bike is being advertised as the lightest electric vehicle to-date. It aims to reinvent the two-wheel transportation market by being eye-catchingly beautiful while managing to become more a comfortable ride for cyclists and still maintaining an environment-friendly mode of transportation. It comes with components that are made with clean lines and sports a sleek design.

Sondors THIN Electric Bike - THIN is in

The Sondors THIN Electric Bike Aims to Turn Heads With its Sleek Design

With the Sondors THIN Electric Bike, it aims to revolutionize electric transportation to make it better for everyone. While electric means of transportation is heavily dominated by cars and four-wheeled vehicles in modern times, it can still put a damper into anyone’s budget when trying to get them. With an bicycle, it’s a different story since it is a more affordable option than getting a full-blown car.

The THIN Electric Bike is very simple to use as all you need to do is push a button. After which, you will then be gliding along without ever lifting a toe. Also, once you reach your destination, you can put the bicycle away because of its added portability. It allows you to roll the bike into a bike rack, or even into your office with the greatest of ease.

It comes with an ultra-light 100-percent aluminum frame that makes it incredibly light to carry around or to move manually. It is also equipped with a 350-Watt motor, which is more than enough power to let you go around town for your daily transportation needs. If you need more power or speed (just in case you woke up late and you have to get to school or to work on time), there is an electric pedal assist for such a purpose.

The frame of the bike is meant to be one-size-fits-most. Sondors claims to have tested the bike to let it support up to 250-pounds and they also state that people with heights of 5-feet and 2-inches up to 6-feet and 10-inches have already been riding this electronic transportation device. The tires are sized at 28-inches by 1.5-inches.

The Sondors THIN Electric Bike uses a 36-Volt 8.7-Ah Panasonic single-cell battery to give life to the bike. The entire unit promises to bring a new meaning to low-cost and environment-friendly transportation. It is available for crowdfunding over at their Indegogo page.


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