Somfy MyLink Review – Get Ready to Break the Bank

If you’ve watched the Iron Man movies and wanted Tony Stark’s windows that turn transparent from opaque when the alarm goes off, well you can’t get that with the Somfy MyLink. Those shades from the Marvel movie defines a level of “cool” wherein many hoped Somfy’s shades would achieve. Sadly, it brings a bit of a disappointment into the hearts of homeowners, and not to mention the money that you have to pay to make it work well.

Somfy MyLink Review - Get Ready to Break the Bank

The Somfy MyLink Disappoints in Redefining “Cool” Into Bedrooms

When you get the Somfy MyLink setup properly, you can use an accompanying remote to command the shades to either go up or down, or even somewhere in between. You can even use a connected phone to schedule the behavior of the shades or even create more intricate scenes. And that’s about it.

Somfy’s smart shades doesn’t feel very smart, at all. It has too few features to deliver and not to mention the steep price tag you have to pay in order to get it to work properly. Not only would you have to shell out money to get the shades, but you would have to spend more to get the MyLink Hub to connect your iOS or Android device with it. Furthermore, the packaging only covers one shade; in other words, if you want to cover all of your windows with it, then prepare to drill a large hole in your wallet.

The Somfy MyLink Smart Shades does not even integrate itself with many smart-home gadgets. Ultimately, while using it feels like an innovative idea (but still a bit far from what Tony Stark has in his room), it all feels too much for a device that has a limited array of features.

But when you don’t care about your bank account too much, then do note that working with these smart shades does bring some joy. Its main selling point is its ability to set and schedule scenes. In this aspect, the device really delivers. The accompanying app is simple to use and is very intuitive. Setting up the time and commands is very user-friendly. The blinds can even be commanded to open or close whenever the sun sets or rises.

By the end of the day, the Somfy MyLink does offer a lot of promise in becoming one of the smarter blinds in the market. However, until it becomes smarter than it already is, then you might want to hold onto your money for now.


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