Into the Dim Review – Makes no Apologies for Being Very Difficult

With Into the Dim, you are about to embark into a game with a level of difficulty that is very unforgiving. Well, whenever there is a retro-inspired game that rolls out into the App Store, you would know that it will be quite the challenge. Think Super Mario Brothers when it came out on the NES; for those who have played this Nintendo classic, then you would know that depleting all your lives will make you go back to World 1. In this iOS mobile game, it intends to compare the level of difficulty posed by classic games to the videogames of today.

Into the Dim Review - Makes no Apologies for Being Very Difficult

Into the Dim is a Free-to-Play Mobile Adventure Designed From the Ground Up

In Into the Dim, you will step out as a young boy who is chasing down a mutt with a fondness for running off wherever he desires. The game will then quickly thrust you into a series of dungeons which are patrolled by enemies. What makes this game so difficult is that it will restrict you into using three moves at a time. All the interaction will be handled by virtual control laid out in the bottom of your device’s screen.

But it’s not just you who are limited to three actions at a time as your enemies have the same kind of limitation as well. Therefore, this is more of a tactical RPG rather than a run-and-gun type of gameplay. You will have to outwit your enemies for you to gain the upper hand. Position yourself so that they will land in front of you for your next move and defeat them with you gaining the upper hand. However, the beasties living inside the dungeons have an erratic behavior. Therefore, gaining an advantage is more reliant to luck rather than careful judgment.

In this game, it is so important to gain the upper hand as enemies deliver painfully brutal takedowns. Success in Into the Dim (iOS) is highly determined in creeping up to your enemies and taking them out stealthily. When you do this, three punches is enough to take them out, well, in early stages anyway. As you progress, the game intentionally heightens up the difficulty level. You may want to stock up on bullets for your gun, or upgrade your abilities for a better chance of survival.

With Into the Dim, you are faced with such a challenge that is similarly found in the old days of gaming. Think about arcade games wherein you have approximately three lives to live. Even though you can save your progress in this iOS game, it will still let you face enough number of challenges to either keep you going or uninstall it from your device due to your frustration.


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