Sol Republic’s Relay Sports Wireless Headphones – Could it be the Best Low-Cost Music Listening Device Everybody’s Looking For?

Sol Republic made the Relay Sports Wireless a pair of in-ear headphones with Bluetooth connection technology. The design of these music listening devices is fairly unique, which should be considering the headphone market is jam-packed with competitors as of late. Instead of placing the battery as part of the headphones themselves (like many headphone manufacturing company would), Sol Republic separated the battery and integrated it into the one side of its cord. There are also the functions of the electronics found on the separate side of where the battery sits. This way, the weight is evenly distributed so as not to tamper with the comfort when wearing the device.

Sol Republic’s Relay Sports Wireless Headphones – Could it be the Best Low-Cost Music Listening Device Everybody’s Looking For?

What Separates the Sol Republic Relay Sports Wireless Headphones From the Rest?

As for the performance of Sol Republic’s Relay Sports Wireless headphones, it’s pretty decent considering its price range. The treble is still a little bit too bright but the clarity of the sounds it emits is good and the bass is equally decent as well. There is a slight punch to the bass when the “Bass Boost Mode” is activated, but the increase is still at pleasing levels.

The battery life for the Relay Sports Wireless In-Ear Bluetooth Headphones is recorded at about 8-hours of straight usage. The headphones are also sweat resistant but are not waterproof. Therefore, it can survive well when you do your daily 10km jog around town, but don’t douse yourself with your favorite sports drink while wearing it.

The headphones will come with a FreeFlex Ring. This “ring” is designed to keep the headphones stable inside your ear while still being able to give a comfortable fit. However, there are claims that even with the FreeFlex Ring, the headphones have some trouble staying inside the ears when doing excessive sporting activities.

Users found themselves readjusting the headphones from time to time when they are listening to music while doing their daily exercise routines. Furthermore, it has been found out that you do lose some bass when the headphones do not have a snug fit inside your ears.

The Relay Sports Wireless headphones do a pretty good job in delivering music through its innovative design. There is also an integrated cord shortener to give a more snug fit for those with smaller heads. However, interested people who want to purchase these headphones should be advised that these are still far from perfect. Still, it is still a pretty decent performer at its price range.


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