Apple CarPlay Review – The Future of Infotainment Systems

For iOS fanatics, you cannot just look away at the Apple CarPlay system for your vehicle. It is a straightforward tech wherein you will always find plenty of reasons to be attached to this iOS-powered infotainment system. It is fast, simple, and will carry everything you need while driving around town in your car. It has voice recognition technology which does a pretty good job at cutting down on distraction.

Apple CarPlay Review – The Future of Infotainment Systems

For Those Who Are Familiar With the iOS, Especially Apple Maps, the Apple CarPlay is Pretty Simple to Use From the Get-Go

Once you start “messing around” with the Apple CarPlay, you will find out that it works as it intend to. When the car starts, the infotainment system will load its App Connect services. This takes a modest 30 seconds to load completely. Once it does completely load, users can now plug in the system to their phone. After which, CarPlay will be free to use 5 seconds later.

The Apple CarPlay Infotainment System is more than just your guide on the road. Since it has “infotainment” in its name, you will be assured that there is something fun to do it with as well. For instance, there is the guessing game in which it will take place as soon as you open the map right after you turn on your vehicle.

Well, the guessing game is not actually a “game” but rather the system’s way of adapting to your driving standards. For example, if you use your vehicle to go to work day in and day out, then the system will recognize the routes that you normally use and will ask if you would like for it to begin navigation immediately. It’s a simple, but utterly great feature especially if you’re in a hurry. Also, it is also very easy to ignore if you’re planning to go somewhere else.

The system’s voice recognition feature is also great for mitigating distractions. To make use of this functionality, just hold down the car’s voice recognition button. You will automatically hear a very familiar voice talking right back at you. For those of you who did not immediately know whose voice it is, it’s Apple’s very famous AI for all iOS device – Siri.

Siri within the system can even detect what you’re trying to say even when you’re chewing on a mouthful of a granola bar. You can even send texts, initiate a playlist from your phone, or start navigating and Siri will be able to capture all those commands.

The Apple CarPlay is a great infotainment system to have for your vehicle, especially if you’re an iOS fan. With Siri helping you every step of the way, and she can give great help indeed, this is a must-buy for all Apple fans who own cars.


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