Social Media – Take a Look at How Many People are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Other Social Media Platforms

Published: 5 April 2016Updated: 16 October 2023

Social Media, whether you like it or not, has now embedded itself into the lives of many. There are even some who can’t spend a day without accessing their Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter profiles. There are, in many ways, wherein the monthly active user count of these websites become the most important number when talking about tech. These numbers are key performance indicators that assist in determining the general popularity of a given network.

Social Media - Take a Look at How Many People are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Other Social Media Platforms

A Look at the Number of Monthly Active Users for Social Media Platforms

When it comes to Social Media, the reigning champ for many years now is Facebook. With 1.59-billion active users (recorded on December, 2015), the number of people accessing their accounts on a monthly basis on this particular platform can already be deemed as a country. In fact, the number of users are even bigger than that of China. If you haven’t thought about Facebook being the king of sharing content and engaging with other users, then think again.

What follows next is Instagram, with a reported 400-million active users (recorded September, 2015). Even though there is a large growth pertaining to this particular social media app, engagement rates are seen to decrease over the past 11-months. However, this network is still being called a “dwarf” in the industry as it still deemed as a juggernaut within the sector. However, 400-million is still a far cry from 1.59-billion users.

Next in line here is we have Twitter, in which it has 320-million active users (recorded March, 2016). What makes this particular platform so famous is because you only have 140-characters to express your thoughts. With so many people tweeting at the same time, the average lifespan of one post is just a mere seconds (a few minutes at most), before it gets lost in the depths of other posts. Nevertheless, this never stopped users from posting in this platform.

What about Google’s own Google+? It has 300-million active users (recorded October, 2013). If you’re wondering why it has already been a few years since that number has been updated, it is because the search engine giant doesn’t really like to discuss their social network’s active monthly users. According to Eric Enge, who spoke at about the challenges Google has to face with regards to their social networking platform, only 6.6-million users have made it to a post count of 50 or more.

There are other Social Media platforms that also have notable amounts of monthly active users such as LinkedIn and Pinterest. The numbers that were recorded in this article for the aforementioned websites were taken from various official reports.


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