Snowboard Party 2 Review – Getting Better Might be Harder Than You Thought

Snowboard Party 2 is available for the iOS and it has a slight trick up its sleeve, something that players won’t like. For the first hour of playing, players might find themselves to be in awe by how realistic the game feels, especially for a mobile game. You will be try and try again as you pull off different stunts and tricks, and there are a lot of times that your character’s face will fall face first onto the snow. While you practice and you practice to get better, you may come to realize that it’s not the you who is lacking in skill, but it’s the game’s slightly disjointed nature when it comes to its trick system.

Snowboard Party 2 Review - Getting Better Might be Harder Than You Thought

Snowboard Party 2 is Realistic Enough for a Mobile Game

In pretty much game mode in Snowboard Party 2, except Time Attack mode, the idea is to build up speed, launch your character into the air, then do twist and turns, before you try and land safely back on the ground. Successfully doing tricks will land you points, which is pretty much the premise behind almost all snowboarding games, mobile or not. There are multipliers for times when you are able to perform a serious of tricks in rapid succession but you still have to make sure you land safely else these will all be for nought.

There are snowflakes that are dotted across each level which will give you bonus points to your total score should you manage to pick them up. When it comes to level design, they are solid but not particularly spectacular. The graphics are passable, but still feels quite good considering it is a mobile game.

The entire game feels dependable, until you actually try to pull off one of the game’s tricks in mid-air. See, even though you can spin mid-air in Snowboard Party 2 (iOS), the more points will be offered when you combine the dedicated trick buttons found on the bottom right. The problem here is that rather than following the standard model of holding your finger down to perform a trick, the game will let you perform them with a simple tap of the button once. Therefore, the only way to land yourself back down safely is to time the tricks right but in such a way that it has to be extremely precise as there is no way to cancel each trick made.

Snowboard Party 2 is still a whole lot of fun to play as it has insanely mammoth-sized arenas and plenty of game modes before you get bored with it. However, there is that dodgy approach to its trick system that would hinder it from making it an absolute treat to play with.


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