Gaggia Naviglio Deluxe Review – Bean-to-Cup Espresso at the Right Price

The Gaggia Naviglio Deluxe is a coffeemaker built for those who want a bean-to-cup espresso without having to break the bank. Even though its price tag appears expensive, it is still one of the cheaper bean-to-cup making machines that is currently available in today’s market.

Gaggia Naviglio Deluxe Review - Bean-to-Cup Espresso at the Right Price

The Gaggia Naviglio Deluxe is a Solid Choice

While the Gaggia Naviglio Deluxe may not have the most jaw-dropping set of features, it still places itself as a prime choice for espresso lovers, especially for those who do not like the idea of a manual espresso machine.

Also, while it has a design that makes it look like it is an entirely new device, it is largely a rebrand of the Philips Saeco HD8750 that was released back in 2014. As such, it may just be a matter of choice as to which brand you want to go for.

The Gaggia Naviglio Deluxe Espresso Machine is large and very practical-looking. It comes with a curved plastic front that won’t turn heads but it’s not particularly ugly either. As for its features, it comes off as more of a basic espresso-making machine than the majority of bean-to-cup appliances.

To start, there is no display, just a series of buttons and knobs. Therefore, fine-tuning setting to one’s liking to make a cup of coffee can be done in a matter of just pressing a button. Other might not take a liking to it as there are coffee lovers who would like to fine-tune their blends to the most minute detail, but there are those who likes the simplicity of things rather than messing with a lot of its settings.

On a more serious note, this espresso machine simply turns the beans into a cup of really hot… stuff. The milk preparation has to be done manually, but this is not difficult to accomplish. However, this is for the basic model as the Deluxe variant has a little steam spout attachment that will draw milk found in a separate pot.

It is more or less the system that can be found on some coffeemakers. It does cover the basics really well. Also, the shape of the appliance is made to be tower-like as its height means that much contemporary is placed inside a quite the compact design. It is big, but it does not demand a huge amount of workspace.

The Gaggia Naviglio Deluxe is a low-fuss espresso machine to which many would like to have in their kitchen. The absence of a screen does not hinder too much in the way of its performance and feature offerings. While it still does offer a limited array of controls, it does provide blends that are of decent quality.


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