Sharp is About to Launch the World’s First 8K Resolution TV

Sharp is About to Launch the World’s First 8K Resolution TV

Sharp is about to redefine their company name by bumping up the resolution of their brand new television set to 8K. Fanatics of higher resolution viewing for photos, videos, and movies will marvel at this new wonder that this TV would bring. The company answers the prayers for people who are still not satisfied for recent 4K resolution screens. The tech company is said to sell the world’s first 8K TV set starting with Japan.

The 8K Television will sport a whopping 85-inches with an astounding resolution of 7680 x 4320. That’s equivalent to 104 pixels per inch, or in other words, 4 to 5 high quality DSLR images per inch of the resolution this TV brings. It revolutionizes the current TV screen technology as it brings in 8 times more resolution than the conventional modern television.

Sharp ‘s 8K Resolution TV Could Be The Company’s Crowning Glory to Date

The LV-85001 Sharp TV will utilize the company’s IGZO backplane. The IGZO stands for indium gallium zinc oxide. The company also claims that the contrast ratio of the picture quality of the TV will bring about 100,000:1. The viewing angle of the TV is set at 176 degrees.

However, those who are already planning to purchase the Sharp 8K TV should take note of the one major problem that it has, and that is there is no actual 8K content being broadcasted at the moment. While the LV-85001 does have a built-in TV tuner so that people can enjoy their favorite local (or cable) TV shows, Japan won’t be broadcasting 8K content until next year.

Japanese television station, NHK, said that they will be conducting the 8K resolution tests soon. The TV company also hopes that the new age resolution will be available in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Sharp states that their new 8K television will be available to business markets by October 31st. This will follow with a demonstration at the CEATEC trade show by the next month. Another downside to viewing 8K content on the TV is that all 4 HDMI ports need to be utilized. Hence, all other components that may be attached to its other HDMI ports need to be removed for users to thoroughly enjoy the 8K viewing experience. Home gaming consoles, computers, and DVRs may need to be removed prior to taking advantage of the 8K experience, or use a special adapter for viewers to enjoy the maximum resolution that this television can bring.


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