Self Balance Scooter Hoverboard Spare Parts – Where to Buy and How to Repair or Assemble

Nowadays there are thousands of self balance scooters sold worldwide, some of them are in good conditioned but unfortunately some of the scooters might have a factory defects. If happen that your scooter have factory defects then this article will be usefull for you as we will going to guide you on where to buy spare parts, how to replace the module of the scooter and how to repair it.

This is for information purposes only. Trying to fix anything yourself can void warranty, be dangerous and result in injury and financial loss. We recommend to get a qualified technician to fix any hoverboards or product for that matter.


Self Balance Scooter Hoverboard Spare Parts - Where to Buy and How to Repair or Assemble

There are 2 types of issue that scooter might have and those are minor and major issues. If you have problem with your scooter, we recommend to first try to solve it using a software reset. Please check the video bellow on how to reset your scooter to work as expected.

How To Do Software Reset of Self Balance Scooter Hoverboard

1. Shut down the on-off button .
2. Then press the on-off button again for 4-5 seconds till the blue lights begin to flash.
3. Adjust the balance.meanwhile the blue lights will flash now and then.
4. After 5-10 seconds,shut down power button .
5. 5-10 seconds passed, press the on-off button again.


How To Fix Hoverboard Not Charging Problem


If the above reset is not working the your hoverboard might have some major problem. Bellow are list of common major problem of the hover board.

1. The scooter does not switch-on.
2. The scooter suddenly stopped even at full charge.
3. Only one side of the pedal is working.
4. The hover board keep beeping.
5. The scooters is not charging. This isue can be solve also by replacing the charger as some charger have issue also. Try to barrow charger from friend and check if your scooter charge using other charger.

If you have 1 of the problem above on your hoverboard, then we recommend to contact your supplier for replacement. For those who brought hoverboard online and the warranty was over, we recommend to watch the video bellow on how to disassemble and assemble back the hoverboard. Knowing on how to disassemble and assemble back the hoverboard will give you knowledge on how to replace parts that are not working as the hoverboard have different separate modules and the issue of one module will not affect or damage the other module.

How to Assemble and Disassemble Your Self Balance Scooter Hoverboard

Now that you know how to disassemble and assemble back the self-balance scooter, it’s time for you to replace parts that are now working. Bellow is the link where you can buy module or parts of self-balance scooter (hoverboard).

Where to buy Module or Parts of Hoverboard ?

How To Prevent Your Hoverboard Scooter From Fire Cause By Battery

As there is a lot of news about hoverboard that explode, it was actually due to the use of cheap batteries. For extra safety, we recommend to follow the tips bellow to prolong the lifespan of the hoverboard battery.

1.  Check if you scooter is being recalled by the manufacturer. If it is then stop using immediately.
2. Do not over charge your scooter.
2. If possible, switch-off the hoverboard when charging.

We hope that this article will help with your problem on your self-balance scooter. If you have any other issue with your scooter, please write it in the comment below.

Update, October 2016: We have now found the safest Hoverboard model available in 2016, it’s called Powerboard by Hoverboard. We’ve reviewed it too. Go here to read about it.



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