Samsung UE32J6300 Review – A Distinctly-Curved 32-Inch FHD TV

You don’t see many new 32-inch TVs as of late, but it doesn’t mean the Samsung UE32J6300 is an underperformer. Even though the market is now dominated by large-format televisions, the 32-inch line can still sell like hotcakes. For Samsung’s new moderately-sized TV, you don’t have to notice too hard that its Full-HD resolution display is distinctly curved.

Samsung UE32J6300 Review - A Distinctly-Curved 32-Inch FHD TV

Does the Samsung UE32J6300 Need to be Curved in the First Place?

Even though it has a moderate-size, the Samsung UE32J6300 is actually smart-looking. It has an angular metallic-gray screen frame and a luxurious-looking boomerang-shaped desktop stand. Still, the main visual feature that perhaps everyone would talk about here is its curved screen. Also, it is quite the pronounced “bend” especially since it is similar to just about every curved TV that the South Korean tech giant has released for 2015.

Still, this definite curve seems to be nothing more than just a gimmick. Many would see the curved architecture in larger-screened TVs, which would make more sense. This is because in larger formats, there are advantages that can be very noticeable such as a perceived sharpness even in an image’s extremities as well as the image curving into your peripheral vision which would allow for greater immersion.

Still, with the UE32J6300, the curve will give you that immersive experience when you sit fairly close to it. If you’re after a screen to be used as a personal gaming monitor, then you might have some benefit from this 32-inch curved display. But with regards to any other setup, it is quite difficult to see what this curvature might bring to liven up the party. There will be geometry issues that are viewed in an angle and the price tag may not justify this concern.

Even though this is not a perfect performer, it can still provide a pretty decent job when it comes to almost every picture area. There is even a good black level response and motion clarity, which means that images being portrayed into the screen ends up exceptionally easy on the eyes, well, for the vast majority of the time anyway. Therefore, it can be said that it can comfortable outperform other 32-inchers pretty well, in terms of image quality anyway.

Overall, the Samsung UE32J6300 is the company’s product of expertise in bringing impressive image quality to the world within a relatively small and reasonably affordable package. It is, however, a shale that its curved screen seems to be more of a gimmick than an actual feature.


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