CyberPower Fangbook SX6-300 Review – Taking a Bite Out of Gaming

With all the big names in the gaming laptop industry, the CyberPower Fangbook SX6-300 may raise some questions. But despite not being a familiar name, it does have a high high-end experience that can even rival the big names in the sector. Cyberpower is best known for their line of gaming PCs and the name has already won dozens of awards for their behemoths that can handle just about any graphical tests gamers can throw at it.

CyberPower Fangbook SX6-300 Review - Taking a Bite Out of Gaming

The CyberPower Fangbook SX6-300 Upholds the Company’s Name for Being a Behemoth in the Gaming Industry

The CyberPower Fangbook SX6-300 is a 15.6-inch laptop with plenty of firepower on offer for gaming. At its core, it has the Intel Skylake Chip and also one of Nvidia’s best mobile GPUs. These are combined with an SSD and 16GB of RAM. All of which promote a portable gaming experience unlike any other.

On its lid, there is a snazzy Fangbook logo that looks quite similar to the MSI range of gaming laptops. Well, if you’re wondering why this does looks awfully familiar, it is because MSI actually made the laptop prior to Cyberpower changing the name and specification. Besides the name change, it is a smart-looking device, but it is still leagues away from the Alienware 15 in terms of visual flair.

Even though the Fangbook SX6-300 can easily handle being placed inside a bag with a bunch of other stuff without the need for a case or a sleeve, there are some build quality imperfections that need to be mentioned. For instance, the metal on the lid and the right-hand side of the wrist-rest will flex a bit. For comparison’s sake, the build quality is similar to that of the MSI GS60 2QE Ghost Pro, but again, the Alienware 15 is more durable.

But the beauty of the SX6-300 lies within its specs. It has a Core i7-6700HQ processor, which is at the modest part of Intel’s latest Skylake architecture but can still deliver quite the powerful punch. It has four Hyper-Threaded cores, and 2.6GHz stock speed which can use Turbo Boost to peak at 3.5GHz.

For its graphics, it uses the Nvidia Geforce GTX 970M which sits at the top of Nvidia’s mobile range. It incorporates 1,280 steam processors, a 924MGz minimum speed, and 3GB of dedicated memory. With this much firepower for a 15.6-inch laptop, you would find no problem playing just about a lot of games and boosting the graphics capabilities to max.

The CyberPower Fangbook SX6-300 gets everything right in providing gamers with a high-end machine for mobile gaming. However, the unit is so dedicated in gaming that other areas may be a bit underwhelming.


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