Samsung R5 Review – An Affordable Wireless Multi-Room Speaker, Minus the Flare

The Samsung R5 is also called by another name which is the WAM5500. Either way, it is a multi-room wireless speaker made by the South Korean tech giant. It is a step down from the more premium R7, and one step further from the R3. There is already a fiercely growing competition in the wireless multi-room speaker market. Hence, how can the R5 match up with its competitors?

Samsung R5 Review - An Affordable Wireless Multi-Room Speaker, Minus the Flare

Can the Samsung R5 Compete Well or Even Beat the Competition?

Visually speaking, the Samsung R5 is different from the R7. The former is in an opulent egg-shape design with a cylindrical enclosure which flares at the top. However, there is one thing common between the two models and it is their 360-degree shape. This will allow Samsung’s Ring Radiator technology to do what it does best.

So what is this Ring Radiator technology? It is Samsung’s way of bringing omnidirectional sound. There is a 5-inch woofer found at the R5’s bottom along with a 1-inch tweeter at the top. Both elements will disperse sound through an Acoustic Lens. This lens will spread audio waves evenly in all directions. Thus, it gives a more vivid experience to surround sound technology.

Although the Samsung R5 Speaker lacks the “wow” factor found in the R7, it is still eye-catchy in its own way. Most of the device is covered in a black cloth that will sparkly slightly when hit by light at the right angles. There is also the rounded base which has a subtle metallic brush finish. Overall, the design is modernly minimal and discreet. In fact, most people that enter the room won’t notice that the R5 is actually a speaker rather than just a tabletop ornament.

The speaker also has dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. Therefore, if you have several Samsung speakers around your home, you can make use of its multi-room capabilities. You can control all of them via the Multiroom App 2.0. This app will allow you to stream music from your smartphone, DLNA devices, and a wide variety of online music streaming services.

One of the beautiful add-ons that the company generously placed inside the R5 is its ability to play hi-res audio. Aside from the normal MP3 format, it can also play FLAC, ALAC, AIFF, and WAC files up to 192kHz/24-bit. Hence, it can also play lossless audio in MP3, WMA, OFF, and ACC format. Finally, the speaker has a TV SoundConnect feature that will allow you to connect it to a compatibly Samsung TV.

The Samsung R5 is the company’s multi-room expertise brought to life, so to speak. It is placed at a lower price than the R7 but is still able to produce excellent sounds and a wide set of features. It is also made with a distinctive yet subtle design and a guaranteed sound quality.


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