Just Cause 3 Review – Be Loud and Blow Up Everything in Sight

With the recent release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, you may have already had your fill of bearded, war-weary protagonists; but if you’re not then why not try out Just Cause 3. But this is not a stealth game by a long shot; in fact, it is quite the very opposite. This is a game that is loud and explosions galore that would make even Michael Bay even proud.

Just Cause 3 Review - Be Loud and Blow Up Everything in Sight

Just Cause 3 is no Stealth Game

The setup of the Just Cause 3 is something that is similar to just about every James Bond movie ever created. You play the role of Ace agent, Rico Rodriguez, who is back in action as to what he does best – disposing off evil crime lords putting on the guise of a grand dictator in perhaps the noisiest way imaginable in the gaming world.

This time around, Rico is doing it in the fictional Mediterranean island, Medici. You will battle the evil General di Ravello and his grand army of uniformed hoodlums and baddies. But if you’ve already played the first two Just Cause games, then you already probably know where this is going.

But if you’re thinking about the game to only have one path towards the end, that’s because it is structured this way. But then again, even the two previous games didn’t have enough story nor structure in them. However, even with the lack of depth, it is never boring to continuously blow up to stuff in-game.

In the third iteration, there are some returning features and some new ones as well. For instance, Rico’s trademark wrist-grapple has made a comeback. This, of course, also comes with his physics-defying parachute that will instantly help him to glide smoothly whenever he needs it.

Now, there are added tweaks to those older features. For instance, the glide move is now made easier to cover distances and an even better tether move. This is where you can attach one hook to one object, then press the L2 button to pull the two objects together. Oh, and another cool new grapple move has been introduced.

The new hooking feature in Just Cause 3 will allow you to make explosive tank meet volatile barrel. Simply speaking, the game is as explosive, loud, and as fun as ever, and even more. If you like blowing things up to reach your ultimate goal while having comedic and snappy social comebacks, then this game will be just right up your alley.


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