Samsung R3 Review – Start Your Multi-Room Audio Setup

The Samsung R3 comes into the market as part of a trio of cylindrical multi-room speakers. It sits as the middle man to the entry-level R1 and the higher-end R5. The size for the R3 is slightly larger than the cheaper R1 which makes it more suitable for bigger rooms. However, you will need to pay a larger price to acquire that privilege. Other than that, it has the same features as you would get with the R1 and R5 in terms of sending music around the house.

Samsung R3 Review - Start Your Multi-Room Audio Setup

The Samsung R3 Presents Itself as the Middleman to the Company’s Latest Trio of Multi-Room Speakers

Design-wise, the Samsung R3 is visually similar to that of the R1 and R5. However, when looking at its size, it is located somewhere in between the other two models. It measures in at 275-millimeters in height and 144-millimeters in width. It still has the stylish, well-made speaker look as what you would expect from the South Korean tech giant. It has a well-made speaker with a black cloth found on both side. As for its weight, it does feel like it has a bit of heft in it but not enough to break your back.

At its top, its one large control panel. To pause playback, just tap on it and you can swipe on the control panel to skip tracks. There is that same OLED display found on the R5, but this feature is missing on the R1. There are also some touch-sensitive buttons found at the top’s edge. These are to control the volume and the input selection. While there is no standby key on this model, the unit will automatically shut itself down after a few minutes of being inactive.

It features no wired capabilities and will play music completely wireless. Underneath the speaker is a recess for the power along with a button to pair the device with a Wi-Fi router. As for connecting the Samsung R3 Multi-Room Speaker with media devices, you will have to depend on wireless connectivity.

Much like its two brothers, the R3 is an impressive performer in the audio department. While it has fairly simply looks, it can deliver pretty loud audio. The weighty sound will be able to fill the room quite nicely.

Its key feature is its omnidirectional sound dispersion which works just like the way it should. It can fill a room with sounds with seemingly no problem at all. It even has consistent tonal balance from any listening position with a room.

With an impressive array of features, the Samsung R3 stands as the midrange solution to bringing a multi-room audio setup to your home. If you have the extra cash to spare and want better room-filling performance than the R1, then you might want to go for the R3.


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