Samson Z55 Professional Reference Headphones Review – Ideal for Casual and Studio Listening

With the release of the Samson Z55 Professional Reference Headphones, the company places an effective mark into the headphone industry. It has a price tag that clearly places it as one of the top-end audio listening devices, but it can satisfy both casual music lovers and studio engineers. Its audio performance is a fantastic balance of rich, full-bodied low-end signatures and bright high-frequency definition. While it does lack a bit in the comfort department, they make up in terms of supreme audio performance. It even has three detachable cables included in the standard packaging.

Samson Z55 Professional Reference Headphones Review - Ideal for Casual and Studio Listening

The Samson Z55 Professional Reference Headphones is a Highly Recommendable Audio Listening Device

In terms of design, the Samson Z55 Professional Reference Headphones won’t immediately turn heads towards its direction. It has a fairly standard black-and-metal design which offers an exceptionally secure fit. It has looks that leans more toward the pro-gear rather than something that you would gladly wear outdoors. At the top of the headband and outside the earcups, the company’s logo is emblazoned in large gray letters. The earcups each house a 45-millimeter driver.

When it comes to comfort, it doesn’t quite match up to its high-end price. Even though it is comfortable to wear, there are others that provide an even more “relaxing” experience. The over-ear earpads are lined with lambskin, and the underside of the headband has a cushion that brings a fair level of comfort. These choices are not the softest, nor are they the most plush-feeling materials you can find, but they do bring comfort nonetheless.

Even though the comfort could be better, the Samson Z55 makes up for it in audio performance. When playing tracks with deep sub-bass content, it will deliver a good sense of deep bass but it is balanced as to not do away with other areas of the sound spectrum. For the high and unwise listening levels, the drivers do not distort, which is a nice touch.

For tracks that are not of the deep sub-bass variety, it will deliver a striking balance of crisp high-end definitions and still being able to eke out richness in the low-end frequencies.

With this kind of balance in the audio performance, the Samson Z55 Professional Reference Headphones can easily land a place into any audiophile’s home. It is the perfect partner for casual listening or studio engineering. Even though the comfort levels could be made better, it is still able to deal with such a shortcoming with its impressive sound performance.


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