LG LFXS32726S Review – Large Size Meets Strong Performance

The LG LFXS32726S arrives as a high-end French door refrigerator. It is able to deliver powerful performance and plenty of storage options. Therefore, it immediately deserves being recommended for anyone who wants a new and better way to cool their various food and drink items. Still, the exterior design could be better.

LG LFXS32726S Review - Large Size Meets Strong Performance

The LG LFXS32726S Doesn’t Come Cheap

When it comes to its design choice, the LG LFXS32726S is a fine-looking one, but it exudes an exterior presence that is largely derivative of the past decade or so as far as refrigerator looks go. Therefore, it is large, boxy, and boasts a stainless-steel finish. It is an appliance that does not do much to set itself apart from the crowd, visually speaking anyway.

But when you open its doors, you will be greeted with a very large storage capacity that may even raise the bar within its class. It has a 31.7-cubic feet of total storage space, and it should be noted that more than twenty of that volume are allocated to the fridge. The LFXS32726S is about as big as classic French door refrigerators come. Still, there are other refrigerators in the market that do offer larger storage space, such as the 34-cubic foot Samsung Chef Collection fridge (this is a four-door “t-type” model, by the way).

What makes this particular refrigerator easily recommendable is because of its design choices. No, we’re not talking about its exteriors (because it does look bland for its outside looks), we’re talking about what’s inside those doors. The design of the fridges immediately outperforms larger models because of their layout. They are smartly designed which makes you take full advantage of its storage space.

This refrigerator is an Energy Star-certified appliance which will consume 768 kWh per year. It can add a considerable amount to your monthly electricity bill, but when you consider its storage capacity then you’ll get a glimpse at the fridge’s energy efficiency for each cubic foot.

Aside from the grand interior design, this LG refrigerator impresses greatly in terms of performance. It has zero hot spots and delivers consistent temperatures throughout the entirety of the fridge. It can even be hard to imagine if this unit can do even better.

Placed at the top-end of the market, the LG LFXS32726S is definitely worth every penny you would spend on it. It has a mighty impressive performance and the capacity is not one to joke about. Still, the exterior design choice could be better.


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