Roku 4 Review – One of the Best Ways to Enjoy 4K Video Today

When you purchase a brand new TV that can support 4K video, then you may also want to include the Roku 4 to complete the package. After all, when you do get that television set, you would want a media streaming device that would also support such high quality video.

Roku 4 Review - One of the Best Ways to Enjoy 4K Video Today

The Roku 4 Promises the Best Quality Video Streams Available Today

The Roku 4 is a tiny little box that will spit out a wide variety of 4K videos that are available today. These include from a multitude of streaming hosts such as Netflix, Amazon, M-Go, Vudu, and of course, Youtube. This makes finding 4K videos around the Internet actually quite easy. We’ve been hearing a lot about 4K videos recently and there are still those that do not quite understand how this works. Simply put, 4K is 4 times the resolution than today’s average 1080p videos. Which means that viewers can enjoy crisper videos and can satisfy video enthusiasts that want to enjoy ultra high definition shows.

However, 4K is not for everyone. For starters, you need to have a TV that supports the higher resolution videos, and you need a fast Internet connection to properly stream the media content. Hence, if you get the Roku 4 media streaming device first without knowing that in order to enjoy 4K video you need a monitor that can handle the higher resolution streaming, then you’re in a bit of a pickle. Moving forward, this tiny black media streaming device has a price tag that is chump change when compared to other similar devices on the market. However, this may actually work in this device’s favor. Those who already have a 4K capable TV and do not want to spend more on higher-end media streaming devices can go with this new offering brought to us by Roku.

To some, the device looks like a box of pancakes that come with ports. Others describe it as someone drove over the Roku 3 with a truck. It’s basically wider and thinner as compared to its predecessor. It is basically the direct opposite of the Apple TV in terms of looks. The Roku 4 delivers top streaming content at a very modest price tag. It even has a remote finder feature so that you don’t have to shout all over your house wondering where the remote had gone. With a press of a button on the box, you will hear a sound that will direct you to where the remote for the device had gone. Overall, this is a great entry-grade device for those who want to start experiencing 4K videos.


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