Akitio Palm RAID Review – Higher Speed for a Steeper Price Tag

Compact as it may be, the Akitio Palm RAID has one of the fastest, if not THE fastest reading speed on a device of its class with close to 500MB/s during tests. The build quality even displays that it could take a bit of punishment, making it very durable. There is also an integrated Thunderbolt cable, making convenience all the more possible.

Akitio Palm RAID Review - Higher Speed for a Steeper Price Tag

The Akitio Palm RAID has the Fastest Read Speed at a Higher Price

The Akitio Palm Raid houses 2 solid-states drives which can be found in its internals. The device can also work with either a Raid 0 or Raid 1 setup. With Raid 0, the settings will be optimized for top speed and maximum storage. This is, however, at the expense of a higher risk of data loss. With Raid 1, on the other hand, will guard the data better as it will effectively secure data against a single drive failure. This will result, however, in less storage space and slower speeds.

Therefore, users are able to pick either of the two settings depending on their needs. This becomes one of the most versatile drives that has ever been placed in today’s tech market. However, all this flexibility comes at a steeper price. It poses a higher price tag as compared to other devices of its type. While its performance is top notch, many feel that it is still lacking in certain areas for it to justify its price. In fact, it can even be said that it is the most expensive portable drive in the market. Many users have already claimed that even though the drive’s speed are unparalleled, it is far from being the best.

However, it the Akitio Palm RAID portable drive is still worth the investment. After all, it is a supercompact and highly portable storage device. A word of advice for aspiring customers to this device – you need a computer that supports the thunderbolt connection. The drive is pretty darn small, even for portable drive standards. Its dimensions are 4.72 by 3.11 by 0.55 inches. So we can add portability to add to the list of being the best in its class. Furthermore, it is awfully lightweight as it only weights about 7 ounces. The bottom line is that the Akitio Palm RAID is a very fast and highly portable drive, but there are other similar options in the market that offers similar options and at definitely cheaper prices.


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