Rocket League (PC) Review – More of the RC Soccer Fun, Now in Your Computer

With all the videogames that have a dark and dreary setting, it’s nice to find something like Rocket League once in a while. Aside from all the usual sports games such as Basketball or American Football, this game is a mix between Soccer and RC racing. If it’s the first time you’ve heard about this, you might get to ask, “Wait, what?”

Rocket League (PC) Review - More of the RC Soccer Fun, Now in Your Computer

Rocket League (PC) Mixes Two Gaming Genres Beautifully

Released for the PS4 first, Rocket League is now available for the PC. The game is surprisingly simple – all you need to do is control a remote-controlled vehicle to try and score a ball into the opponent’s goal. You will do this by letting the car accelerate, do a reverse, boosting, jumping, and even power sliding. The main objective is also pretty simple – outscore your opponents before they do, and before the timer runs out.

In truth, Rocket League (PC) is more complicated than what many might initially think, but only by a slight amount. There is an intricate physics engine built into the game which will dictate how your car and the ball will move around the arena during a match. There are many factors to watch out for in order to score a goal such as the direction where you hit the ball, the speed at which you hit it, and how you hit it are considered. Rather than soccer, think of this game as a glorified billiard game where your RC car is your cue.

Like in billiards, your own skill on how you can manipulate your vehicle will largely determine how accurately you can line up for a shot. But instead of static balls standing in the way of your point, there are other moving vehicles that will get in your way. But here, if you bump other cars out of the way to clear the path for your shot, you won’t get penalized for it.

The game has been adjusted to fit computers. Players can download the game from Steam and it can accommodate a wide array of modern PCs. It has settings designed to be maximized even for lower-end computers. Its default resolution is 1,920 x 1,080, but it can be dropped all the way down to 640 x 400.

Overall, Rocket League is an exhilarating and fast-paced game. Its solid controls, simple objectives, and intricate physics make it a videogame that will go right down in the history books. There are other games to fill the void should you want a more narrative-based videogame. But sometimes, you may just want to climb into an RC car and knock a ball around an arena into a goal to score a point.


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