BenQ XR3501 Review – Good Grays and Blacks at 1080p

Another contender in the ultra-wide curved screen for gamers is the BenQ XR3501. It is placed at a moderate price point (as far as curved ultra-wide gaming monitors go). At 35-inches, it has a 2,000R curvature radius and a 21:9 aspect ratio. It can deliver good gray-scale performance and blacks are very well-delivered. However, color accuracy could be better and it lacks a USB port. Moreover, it can only deliver 2,560 x 1,080 resolution, which means it couldn’t beat some of its closest competitors, such as the Acer Predator X34.

BenQ XR3501 Review - Good Grays and Blacks at 1080p

The BenQ XR3501 Has Inky Blacks and Good Gray-Scale Performance, But Only Average Color Accuracy

The first thing that you may notice about the BenQ XR3501 is, well, it is ultra-wide. It has a 35-inch curved panel but has a more pronounced curve as opposed to the Acer Predator X34. It is encased with a matte-black cabinet with a band of silver trim found on its edges. It is then framed by very thin 0.5-inch bezels.

This gaming monitor has a 24-pound cabinet which is supported by a V-shaped stand. Said display stand is made of a shiny chrome finish with a red cutout to keep cables organized. The stand does offer tilt adjustability, but will not let users adjust its height.

At the rear of the BenQ XR3501 Gaming Monitor, there are two HDMI inputs, a full-size DisplayPort input, a headphone jack, an audio jack, an audio-out jack, and a mini-DisplayPort input. There are also mounting holes to place the cabinet on a wall if you’d like. However, the mounting kit is an optional set and does not come with the standard package.

The XR3501 shines when it comes to delivering inky blacks and gray-scale performance. It is also able to deliver sharp pictures, and can beat out some of its rivals in this department. However, color accuracy is so-so, and maybe even less than ideal for some. The reds and the greens are not accurate, hence you won’t notice any oversaturation as a result. However, if you need the monitor for color-critical work, then you may have to calibrate it first.

With the BenQ XR3501, gamers are able to enjoy an immersive kind of experience with the display’s ultra-wide 35-inch screen. It delivers a speedy 144Hz refresh rate and does have good gray and black performances. The downside here is that users would have to deal with reds and greens being off and the lack of higher resolution support.


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