Ringly Review – The Messenger You Wear on Your Finger

Ringly is a gemstone ring that is equipped with Bluetooth technology. It will alert the wearer for smartphone notifications such as calls, text messages, Twitter DMs, or certain alerts. It will connect to the wearer’s handset through an app that is as simple as it can possibly be. Users will be able to make each notification channel unique as wearers will be able to customize vibration patterns and/or LED colors.

Ringly Review - The Messenger You Wear on Your Finger

Don’t Want a Smartwatch? Try Ringly.

Initial opinions about Ringly vary greatly. There are some that think that the device is a good alternative to the already famous smartwatch, while there are those who want more functionality in their wearables (much like what a smartwatch can offer). There are those who will think its features are great, such as the ability to prioritize silent notifications while in a meeting. Still, there are those that think the device has only a valid existence because a lot of people threw a lot of money at it.

The RIngly device was heavily marketed for women, and the design is somewhat true to those advertisements. But aside from gender-biased ads, the device works like a glorified tiny Fitbit. But to be fair, the techy ring is actually just a messenger. However, it is a handy one at that.

The device works fairly well in giving you notifications, but it is not compatible with all apps. Some apps that it IS compatible with are Tripit, Signal, FlyWheel, Twitter, and Facebook Messenger. While it is advertised that there should be a lot of partnered apps, the ring’s website doesn’t openly disclose them. Other apps listed on the website are Instagram, eBay, Tinder, and Uber.

Despite the ring having a fair amount of positives, there is also a good list of negatives. Perhaps it could be an iOS issue as the device can only support iOS 5 and up, and Android 4.3 and up. so anyone that does not have the latest Android or iOS software can kiss the ring goodbye, unless you’re planning to upgrade the software or your phone.

Ringly is a device that is currently compatible with name brand apps to go with its high-end appeal. As for its “long list of compatible apps,” we may still have to wait for those to come out of the hiding before getting to use the device effectively. Perhaps someday it will get a decent upgrade to make up for its overly simplistic line of offerings. If you want more features, then stick with a smartwatch.


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