Raumfeld One S Review – A Speaker Meant for Your Bathroom

The Raumfeld One S is looking to compete with the likes of what Sonos has to offer in the whole-home music streaming industry. The German brand is making the One S a gateway drug to the company’s architecture with regards to their speaker lineup. Even though it does have a troublesome setup procedure, and does offer a weaker set of features, its great sound quality makes up for these and actually make the speaker stand out.

Raumfeld One S Review - A Speaker Meant for Your Bathroom

The Raumfeld One S Lacks in Features But Stands Out in Sound

There are a lot of modern-looking speakers out in the market as of late, and the Raumfeld One S is probably the plainest one you can see. It is available in a choice of black or white, however, both cases will be dominated by a black cloth grill. For the black version, the front and sides will be covered in black acoustic cloth and the rest of the speaker will be sheltered with plastic. For the white version, the looks can be a bit more striking as it has a two-tone color scheme.

Aside from its sound quality, there is another feature that the Raumfeld One S speaker is known for – it is moisture resistant. Then means that you can actually place it inside your kitchen or even your bathroom. It comes with a rubber stopper that will block the ports found underneath the device. This stopper will make the speaker have this feature but it is by no means waterproof. Hence, even though it can sit atop a shelf inside your bathroom, don’t submerge it in a bathtub filled with water.

For connections, it can be connected either via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. There is no Bluetooth connectivity available for this device. Oh, and there’s a USB port as well. The look of the speaker is designed for use in damp environments. However, unlike the Denon HEOS 1, it lacks a battery which means portability suffers a whole lot and you need to find a suitable socket to make the unit work.

It can be controlled with the use of an app that can be downloaded for Android and iOS devices. The app is one of the cleanest and easiest to use out there in terms of controlling a speaker.

As for sound quality, the amount of bass in the One S is capable without distortion. This means that you can tweak the equalizer to fit the sound of any room. Even though the device is meant to be played inside a smaller area, sound quality does not suffer when the unit is placed in a larger living space.

The Raumfeld One S offers more sound quality than its looks. If you do not mind the plainness of its design, and you want to listen to some of your favorite tunes while you bask comfortably in your bathtub, then this is the speaker for you.


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