Alienware Steam Machine Review – Do You Really Want One?

After two years of patiently waiting, we are now graced with Steam machines made from different gaming console manufacturers, and the Alienware Steam Machine may perhaps be the most appealing in the bunch.

Alienware Steam Machine Review - Do You Really Want One?

Does the Alienware Steam Machine Fit in With All the Other Gaming Consoles?

The Alienware Steam Machine is a gaming PC disguised with a console-style look. It ditches the familiar Windows platform for Valve’s Linux-based operating system. The device is exceedingly more expensive than that of the PS4 or the Xbox One, and is not necessarily cheaper than computer gaming rigs. To put the icing on the cake, the number of games on offer is still not that extensive. Valve may be looking at tough times in sales ahead.

In terms of design, this Valve Steam Machine does a great job of showcasing what it can do. To start, it is a compact square box that is just 200-millimeters along each side and sits only 55-millimeters in height. The unit weighs under 2-kilograms so it makes it a handy little item to carry around to your friend’s house.

The design is smaller than the PS4 and will look a bit inconspicuous beneath your TV. It also seems quieter under the load. It doesn’t stand out as much, despite it having the glowing Alienware logo and the triangular Steam patch that can be found at the front of the device.

As for its lineup of games, well, let’s just say this is the biggest issue Steam machines have to go through as of late. The number boasts an inferior gaming experience. While performance is top-notch, you can play some known games such as Bioshock Infinite, Alien: Isolation, or even Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. The console is powerful enough to give great gaming experience with high detail settings. Said experience will be on par, or even superior than the games of the same name on other consoles.

Another caveat when purchasing Steam machines is that you automatically cut yourself off from known gaming services such as, GOG, and Origin. If you want to play Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void, Star Wars: Battlefront, or Overwatch on the machine, then forget it.

So if you are thinking about the getting the Alienware Steam Machine, do not primarily think about its awesome specs and features, think about if you really need it right now. If you want to have more titles for your console, then opt for an Xbox One, a PS4, or even a Wii U. If you want great gaming experience and get the services attached to some games, then just upgrade your computer to fit the necessary specs. As of this moment, Steam machines are only for true die-hard Steam fans.


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