RapStation (Android) Review – Not Your Ordinary Music Streaming App

RapStation has a different approach than what Spotify or Slacker Radio has in mind. With other music streaming apps, their aim is to attract as many music listeners as possible by offering an insanely wide range of genres which includes anything from classic to country, or anything in between. However, with the RapStation app, it focuses on one genre – rap.

RapStation (Android) Review - Not Your Ordinary Music Streaming App

RapStation Focuses on Rap Alone

With RapStation, it will deliver a variety of hip-hop songs found in all eras. This is a free app and getting started with it is fairly simple. Once you open it, there will be a welcome screen to which will instruct you in listening to one of ten channels. Afterwards, you will already be listening to music. It does not require you to create an account nor does it even require you to log-in using a social media account like Facebook.

This is because RapStation (Android) is more attuned to traditional radio stations, but with a larger range and better selection of music. However, this is more of a radio than a more user-friendly music streaming service as you cannot customize your listening experience or skip tracks unlike what you can do with Spotify. Just pick a channel and enjoy the rap music.

There is no buffering involved, which is a huge plus. However, there is another caveat to that and it means that you cannot rewind the track as soon as you change the channel while you’re in the middle of listening to a song.

While the audio performance that the app delivers is average, you wouldn’t expect much from a free service. It can stream music relatively hiccup-free. However, unless you’re looking for a more customizable way to listen to your favorite tracks, and can listen to them in higher quality, then perhaps it is a better idea to go for the paid services.

There are no banner ads in the app, which comes as a surprise considering an incredibly large amount of free apps nowadays have them. Instead, you will hear artist shout-outs, music-related news bits, and some factoids about the rap and hip-hop culture between songs. Overall, the app does a pretty good job supporting the genre.

RapStation is a great app for those who want to listen to classic, underground, world, or new rap from the convenience of their smartphone or tablet. Although it has its own set of issues, they are not large enough as to ruin the quality of the music streaming service.


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