Icontrol Networks Piper Z-Wave LED Bulb Review – It’s Not the Only Thing You Need

The Icontrol Networks Piper Z-Wave LED Bulb enters the growing market of smart bulbs with hopes to separate itself from the increasing competition. It is a dimmable smart bulb which works with Piper and the Piper NV hub. Once added to the Piper network, users are able to control the bulb from an Android or iOS device. It will then allow you to schedule on and off times, interact with other sensors found within the Piper network, and set the brightness level. If you just missed it, it means that this smart bulb requires you to have the Piper platform.

Icontrol Networks Piper Z-Wave LED Bulb Review - It's Not the Only Thing You Need

The Icontrol Networks Piper Z-Wave LED Bulb Might Take More Out of Your Wallet Than What You Would Expect

Manufactured by Linear, the Icontrol Networks Piper Z-Wave LED Bulb is placed as one of the more expensive smart bulbs in the market; even more so when you do not yet have the Piper system in your home. This is an instant-on white light bulb with a 2,700K color temperature. It has a peak brightness rating of 750-lumens, which is equivalent to what an incandescent bulb can muster. It is rated to last about 22-years (based on a three hour use per day), and it uses 9-watts of power.

It has a standard E26 screw base. It is 4-inches long with a soft white dome for its head. Inside, it contains Z-Wave wireless circuitry which allows the smart bulb to communicate with other devices found in the Piper network.

Installation of the Icontrol Networks Piper Z-Wave Smart Bulb could be better. To start, even though the app will guide you with the setup procedures, it won’t actually tell you when the installation is a success. Therefore, it is a matter of trial-and-error before you can get it right. But when you do get it installed, it will perform flawlessly.

The light from this smart bulb gives off a warm, mellow glow which will react instantly when giving it certain commands from the app. Users are able to dim the light, or program specific times to turn the light on or off. It will follow timed schedules without any issue as well. It even communicates with other devices within the Piper network without any hassle as well.

While it is a very excellent smart bulb, the Icontrol Networks Piper Z-Wave LED Bulb is a more expensive option as compared to other similar devices in the market, especially if you don’t own a Piper hub yet.


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