Quantum Break – Could End up Being 120GB for the Xbox One

Published: 29 March 2016Updated: 2 April 2016

If you’re running out of storage space for your Xbox One, then you might be in deeper trouble as Quantum Break might end up taking 120GB more. Remedy Entertainment, the game’s developer, claims that owners of the Microsoft home gaming console can download the live-action videos even before the game launches. When you boot up your Xbox One, you will notice that these files are already available for download. However, these weigh a hefty 75GG, which is equivalent to two full Xbox One games. Even though each episode is just around 20-minutes long, there are different versions of each video that will take into account the choices you make before the game decides which version of the next episode will be shown to you.

Quantum Break - Could End up Being 120GB for the Xbox One

Quantum Break Could End up Eating a Lot of Your Xbox One’s Hard Drive Space

If you’re wondering what Quantum Break is all about, its narrative is its live-action TV show that fleshes out the backgrounds. Oh, and it has an all-star cast. The reason for it taking up a lot of chunk in your Xbox One’s storage space is because all of the videos will be in Full HD (1080p). Couple the 75GB worth of videos to the size of the game itself, which is around 45GB, then you’ve got yourself a combined total of 120GB of heft for your Xbox One. Throw in more of the fact that a 500GB Xbox One model will only have approximately 362GB of free memory and you will quickly realize that one-third of your storage space will be eaten up by a single title.

It would seem that the developer requires players to download the videos because if your purchase Quantum Break (Xbox One) on disc, the TV episodes won’t be in it. Therefore, in order to have the complete experience, you would either have to stream all of them (and would have to stream them once more if you plan to watch them again) or download them all. Either way, both options will require you to watch them at 1080p.

But if you think that’s worse, then spare a thought for those who want to play Quantum Break on a Windows 10 PC. If you think watching 1080p videos is bad for your storage, think about watching them in 4K. Yes, Windows 10 PCs have it hard as the TV episodes will be available for download but only at 4K resolution.


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