Oculus – Founder Hand Delivers First Rift Headset Amidst Cold Weather

After much anticipation, the first Oculus Rift virtual reality headset has now been delivered into the hands of its very first customer. A person that goes by the name of Ross Martin is the very first-person to have pre-ordered the device when they opened back in early January. The device was delivered by the founder of himself, Palmer Luckey.

Oculus - Founder Hand Delivers First Rift Headset Amidst Cold Weather

First Oculus Rift was Delivered to First Customer Who Pre-Ordered the Device

Founder Palmer Luckey even flew to Alaska to hand-deliver the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset to Martin. The box even has signatures of all the founders. To commemorate the moment, Palmer even utilized Facebook Live to stream the delivery as it happens, as well as the unboxing.

It should also be noted that Facebook does own the virtual reality firm and the entire thing is a testament of how off-the-cuff and how live is Facebook Live. This would explain why the founder of this particular VR headset chose this recording method to capture the moment. The moment the live streaming begins, it was with a classic exchange of words, specifically speaking, it starts of “It’s working?” then it follows with “Wait, what?”

After that slightly comical beginning, a Luckey comes into view, donned with a Hawaiian shirt and flip flops as he goes into an Alaskan office where Martin is currently employed. The founder then wanders the halls for a bit then gets to hand-deliver the package to Martin himself with the first Oculus Rift VR Headset.

Luckey states in the video, “I’ve been working on this thing for so long, and you’re the first person to actually get one. So it’s kind of like me taking all of this work and handing it off to you so you’ve got to make sure you have with it or something.”

This is the first Rift VR headset to be ever delivered and other customers who pre-ordered the kit will start receiving theirs pretty soon. For those who haven’t pre-ordered, you’re out of luck, for now anyways because the device is currently back-ordered for several months in the firm’s website. Therefore, you would have to wait a bit more to get yours.

After the delivery of the Oculus Rift headset has been done, another live video went up, but this time it was just the two guys chatting it up with random topics such as Alaska and sled dogs. Luckey then jokingly tweeted about his decision to wear flip flops in Alaska, and in the winter, to be a mistake.


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