Qualcomm – Wi-Fi Chips and GigaDSL to Raise the Bar for Broadband Network Capacity

Qualcomm is about to change the Broadband game as they are about to launch a couple of chips which are aimed at expanding the communications network capacity with regards to connected land lines and wireless Wi-Fi networks.

Qualcomm - Wi-Fi Chips and GigaDSL to Raise the Bar for Broadband Network Capacity

Qualcomm Will be Releasing Chips That Will Increase Network Capacity for Landline and Wi-Fi Connections

Qualcomm, the San Diego, California-based tech firm, said that its Atheros business had just recently introduced its GigaDSL chips. Using these will enable broadband operators to move out from older VDSL technologies towards faster wired Gigabit access technologies. Furthermore, the innovations from the company do not stop there as they are introducing a three-way radio chip. This particular chip would then be able to handle an array of flavors of Wi-Fi wireless data networking.

Qualcomm is known as the world’s largest maker of mobile chips and they have made the announcement pertaining to their new chips at the Computex trade show in Taiwan that took place recently. Their new Atheros chips are targeted towards easing the transition for existing VDSL operators in different markets such as Japan and South Korea.

The new chips in question are QCO5700 and QCM5720 chips will be able to supply up to 1-gigabytes-per-second on a broadband connection over existing telephone while still being able to maintain interoperability with existing modems supplied by carriers. Senior director of product management at Qualcomm Mark Grodzinsky told VentureBeat in an interview the following statement: “We’re in a never-ending pursuit of more network capacity. This is on both wired and wireless networks. This GigaDSL tech is very important for places that have already deployed VDSL. GigaDSL will be a big help.”

With these new chips, they are targeted at supporting Asian carriers as they start in gearing up for handling the expected network traffic that will take place during the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, as well as the 2020 Summer Olympics games in Japan, according to Grodzinsky in the interview. As per the company, there are several customers that are already in line with regards to creating products that are based on these new chips. Those customers include NEC, Wave Electronics, and Sumitomo Electronic.

Aside from the chips, Qualcomm will also be introducing a new 802.11ac Tri-radio platform for Wi-Fi home networks. They plan on boosting the capacity for home Wi-Fi and to optimize its usage for better consumer wireless experiences. These new chips will be able to bring certain Wi-Fi features, such as multi-user MIMO and the company’s own Wi-Fi self-organizing networks, into new mainstream home network routers.


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