Elon Musk – No Free Supercharging for Life for Tesla Model 3 Owners, Unless They Pay Extra

Have you ever wondered that you are about to get a good, if not great thing, then someone makes a statement and then snatches your happy thoughts away from you because that is what Tesla founder Elon Musk just did. During the company’s annual shareholder meeting, the founder and chief executive of the known electric car maker revealed that the firm’s first mass-market car, which is the Tesla Model 3, will not be receiving free, unlimited access towards the company’s Supercharger network of chargers for life. Well, that’s not completely the case as owners can still get to use these network of chargers for free, but there’s a catch – buyers would have to shell out more money to get a specific package.

Elon Musk - No Free Supercharging for Life for Tesla Model 3 Owners, Unless They Pay Extra

Elon Musk Announced That There Will be no Unlimited Use of the Superchager Network of Chargers for Tesla Model 3 Cars

The question was delivered by a Tesla shareholder to Elon Musk, and that person specifically asked if the company has any plans in coping with the flood of new owners of the electric car once it brings such a vehicle to the market. The following is the founder’s answer, according to VentureBeat:

“To date, we wanted to keep it really straightforward and easy. So that’s why the Superchargers are set up, at least to date for people who bought the cars, as free long-distance for life. Obviously that has, fundamentally, a cost. I don’t want to make this some big news headline, but the obvious thing to do is decouple that from the cost of the Model 3. So it will still be very cheap — and far cheaper than gasoline — to drive long-distance with the Model 3, but it will not be free long distance for life unless you’ve purchased that package.

I wish we could, but in order to achieve the economics, it has to be something like that. I want to just emphasize, what Tesla’s motivation is, is to make electric transport as affordable as possible. That is what informs all of our actions. So if we do something, and we charge for this, or we charge for that, it is not because we want to make things more expensive; it’s because we can’t figure out how to make things less expensive.

Musk then added the following in a later statement: “The best thing to do with an electric car is to charge your car where you charge your phone. Would you really take your phone to a gas station? … Driving to a Supercharger, in order to get $5-worth of electricity, and spending half an hour of your time, you’re like, maybe barely at minimum wage. So it’s just not the best thing for people, but you know, they kind of do it out of habit.”

According to what Elon Musk had announced, this would be the first time that the company will explicitly impose the rule wherein their network of chargers will not be of unlimited use without charge for owners of the lowest-tiered model of their Model 3 vehicle. To be fair, the company never did promise that perk in the first place.


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