Pure Voca Review – Not for Sound Purists

When you take a look at the Pure Voca, you would know firsthand that you’re about to get a quality product. The exteriors are wrapped around an aluminum case which is completed with a brushed-metal effect. This immediately sets it apart from the many of its rivals who sport a cheaper-looking and feeling plastic material, even at the same price class. Even though it looks classy, it is not for everyone since the audio signatures deliver quite the overpowering bass.

Pure Voca Review - Not for Sound Purists

The Pure Voca is a Stylish, Bassy Speaker

Even when you mess around with the buttons found on the top of the Pure Voca, you will feel a pleasant response with a very satisfying click. It is decently-sized so it means it won’t skid around a desktop. There’s no need for a specific balancing act here.

When it comes to its build quality, the only disappointment here is the rubber base. It is stuck at the underside of the speaker, and it kind of takes the shine off of the entire package.

When it comes to feature offerings, well, it’s a pretty ordinary list. There’s the traditional 3.5-millimeter input and an integrated microphone for taking in calls. It is charged with the use of a normal power supply instead of the usual micro-USB you may see to be installed in many of today’s portable speakers. Bluetooth connectivity does not support aptX, but this does not mean that it is a deal breaker. Also, there is no NFC pairing feature. Battery life comes in at a modest 10-hours.

When you play tracks such as 50 Cent’s Winner Circle, the Voca will start on the front foot. The highs sound to be placed at a relatively sweet spot and the sounds to be refined for a product of this type. The vocals even sound decent with enough texture and detail.

The speaker also has a built-in subwoofer which brings fullness and richness to the low-end signatures. That being said, THIS is the deal breaker for some as there are those who would prefer crisper, clearer sounds rather than an overpowering bass. But for those who like low-end performance, you would be hard-pressed to find other Bluetooth speakers with such power in its bass than this.

While the Pure Voca does do a lot of things in the right, it is not for all types of audiophiles. There are even instances that the bass becomes so powerful that it dampens other frequencies like they weren’t there.


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