Cambridge Audio Go V2 Review – Short-Term Bliss

The Cambridge Audio Go V2 tries to offer a middle ground for people who are in the market for a spiffy, but compact design that looks perfect on a bookshelf or a desktop. However, while it does offer a decent look and an adequately compact footprint, it does offer a few useful features in the mix. There are some things, such as its decent battery life, that can let you have your peaceful tunes while you sleep at night. However, this speaker is outdone in just about every other way possible by other similar devices that are more affordable.

Cambridge Audio Go V2 Review - Short-Term Bliss

The Cambridge Audio Go V2 Provides Little to Satisfy

Like other Bluetooth speakers, the Cambridge Audio Go V2 doesn’t try too hard to be noticed. However, this is doesn’t mean that its design is one to shy away from it right at the drop of a hot. Its simplicity is rightfully placed wherein it can earn the hearts of many.

At its front, there is the speaker capped off with a black grille. This gives the speakers within some needed protection without having to obscure the audio quality. Similar to the company’s own G2, the Go V2 Speaker has the branding well out of the way, which is found at the bottom-center of the grille.

There are five buttons to make up for the overall controls of the speaker. This is enough to cover the basic functionalities that can also be found in most Bluetooth speakers of today. The buttons are made with a glossy finish and are in a concaved shape. Hence, they provide an easier feel. The Power button is located at the center of the five buttons and is larger than the rest. At the farthest left, there is a button for switching from Bluetooth to wired mode, and the button next to that is to pair devices over Bluetooth.

Like its standard design, it also offers average sound quality. The audio signatures do not tilt too heavy on the bass nor does it have too much highs. But even with balanced sound, the performance is very inconsistent. However, it does have some redeeming qualities such as its impressive hardware. It packs impressive bulk for its size as it has two 50-millimeter woofers, two 19-millimeter tweeters, and a rear-firing bas radiator.

In terms of design alone, the Cambridge Audio Go V2 provides a decent set for the eyes. Build quality is understandable yet bold at the same time. Ultimately, its handful of features get the best of it and the inconsistent sound quality makes for an uninspiring audio experience.


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