Preorder now: The Intel Compute Stick is now available.

Preorder now: The Intel Compute Stick is now available.

Definitely, a computer-on-a-stick is a new form of device for computing but, it is not built to extinct neither desktops nor laptops but is designed as an option device for people who need and want to do fast but reliable computing.

Just like any PC-on-a-stick, to fully use the Intel’s Computer Stick, it should be plugged first to an HDMI port and this long talked and long awaited stick is finally available for preorder.

How to order?

The release date of this particular stick will be on the 24th of April, however Newegg is now offering preorders for this Compute Stick. It is estimated that when you order now, the arrival of your new Intel Compute Stick will be on May 1. The different costs of this product are as follows the Windows version costs $150 and the Linux version costs $110. On the other hand, Amazon already shows listings for the Windows and Linux version, although, there are listings but there are no information and prices provided yet, definitely it will give info soon.

The Unveiling of Intel’s Compute Stick

It was last January of this year that Intel unveiled the information about its Compute Stick during the Consumer Electronics Show. The product is actually a dongle, and it is a stick that is capable of computing, once it is plugged into an HDMI port that connects to a monitor. It is gearing an Intel Atom quad-core processor, 2 GB RAM and a 32GB of storage.

Easy to use.


It is quite easy to use the new Compute Stick, it won’t take so much of your precious time, what you need to do is just plugged the stick into the monitor’s HDMI port, turn it on then voila! The operating system is now running, and through Bluetooth keyboard and mouse you can now start using the device as your computer.

Intel’s Compute Stick is not alone.

Asus Chromebit is also a computer-on-a-stick and just like Intel’s Compute Stick they functioned in the same manner once connected to the monitor’s HDMI port and with an extra help from Bluetooth equals a computer-on-a-stick, there difference is that the Asus Chromebit runs with Google Chrome’s Operating System.


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