Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge a disposable smartphone?

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge a disposable smartphone

Days in a row the Samsung S6 Edge is set to be release. It is on spotlight and it has become a trending topic, it is all over the media, blogs, and the advertisements about the latest smartphone flagship of Samsung are overwhelming.

Samsung S6 Edge is an almost disposable phone.

Is the unique design of Samsung S6 Edge that has a curved screen at the edge making it tough to repair? In terms of repairing the latest Samsung phone flagship it got a score of three out of ten, the score was from iFixit.

What iFixit has done with Samsung S6 Edge?

iFixit sells repair parts and offers free online repair guides to electronic devices, the Galaxy S6 Edge was not spared from dissection just like any other devices that were forced to open and dissected to see how to repair it back.

The result of Samsung S6 Edge teardown got three score out of ten, in comparison to Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus, Apple got a score of seven out of ten when it comes to the two devices repairability.

Why Samsung S6 Edge got low score?

The Samsung Galaxy S6 has components that are easy to replace, but repairing this phone can be tricky. What makes this Samsung S6 Edge hard to repair? According to the report of iFixit the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge battery is “tightly adhered” to the device’s insides and tough to get to. iFixit also fears that replacing cracked glass on the screen could result in destroying the display altogether.

The product reviews about Samsung S6 Edge aims to give a bird’s-eye view about the latest smartphone flagship of Samsung. On the other hand iFixit could help us understand more about its inside components and how it can be repaired in case of unit troubles which is unavoidable in whichever devices. The teardown also identifies what is running inside the device and iFixit never fail to identify what is inside Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge according to iFixit, the Galaxy S6 Edge’s octa-core processor, storage, and near-field communication chip are all built by Samsung. Samsung relies on just a few other companies, including Skyworks, Avago, and Invensense, for the device’s other components, iFixit added.

In the end, the Samsung S6 Edge smartphone is not a disposable phone, basing on the report of iFixit repairing it can be tough but eventually it can be fix.


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