Philips 258B6QJEB Review – A Premium Monitor for Home or Work

The Philips 258B6QJEB offers great image quality, a fully adjustable stand, a smaller and sharper image that you can find on a 27-inch display, and is packed with plenty of features. There are, however, some caveats right out of the bat such as it is not very stylish to look at when viewed from its rear side, or that it is a bit too expensive compared to its main competitor.

Philips 258B6QJEB Review - A Premium Monitor for Home or Work

The Philips 258B6QJEB is a Premium Monitor Made for the Business Industry

Even though the Philips 258B6QJEB is clearly made to be placed inside business, it can also be used for home use. It sports a stylish design at the front, but not so much at the back. It has slim borders around the display, and offers an edge-to-edge front panel.

The display also packs an IPS LCD panel at 2,560 x 1,440 resolution. This offers good viewing angles no matter what angle you’re looking from. It also has a broad selection of inputs, a USB hub, and even built-in speakers which all make the 258B6QJEB a very versatile monitor. But for its high price tag, it ought to be.

Looking further into the design of the Philips 258B6QJEB monitor, it uses a couple of key features that makes it stand out from its competitors. The more obvious one are the super-slim bezels as they are only at 8.5-millimeters. They are significantly thinner when compared to the usual 20-millimeter standard width. For the front panel, the plastic stretches out over those bezels within just 3-millimeters of the very edge of the monitor’s frame. This creates the illusion that the display is thinner than it actually is.

Even though the rear of the 258B6QJEB is not certainly close to being eye-candy, it does come with a number of great features. One of each display input is readily available such as the HDMI, DVI, VGA< and DisplayPort are all accounted for at its rear. There are also four USB hubs at the back, two of which are USB 2.0 ports and the other two are USB 3.0 ports. One USB 3.0 port will even comply to the BC 1.2 standard which is for charging devices while the monitor is on standby.

Aside from the features and other offerings of the Philips 258B6QJEB, it still begs the question if you should purchase this monitor or not. Yes, it is stylish and offers a plethora of possible connections at the rear. However, the high price tag may be the determining point for many if they should really get this or not.


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