Perfect Drink Pro Review – Make Bartender-Class Drinks Even When You’re a Beginner

If you want to create tasty cocktails to become the life of the party, even when you’re at home, and even if you’re just a complete beginner, then perhaps you might want to check out the Perfect Drink Pro. It is a handy tool to have at home even if you don’t have a steady hand or a great memory. It will connect to your smartphone or mobile tablet with the means of a headphone jack. Then, an app will direct you to pour the right types of liquids, with the right quantities, in the right order, to craft your (or your customers’) favorite cocktails.

Perfect Drink Pro Review - Make Bartender-Class Drinks Even When You're a Beginner

The Perfect Drink Pro Makes a Great Party Companion

The Perfect Drink Pro adds in a wireless Bluetooth button to which its predecessor did not have. This automatically makes it more of a value than the Perfect Drink model. Its build and feature set is great for novices and cocktail-enthusiasts alike.

From a design point-of-view, the Perfect Drink Pro Scale has been redesigned from the look of its predecessor. The plate has is now finished with stainless steel, which is also the most notable change as the original had a black-plate material. Its base sticks out in the front. Speaking of its base, there is a monochrome alphanumeric LCD which can be found here. It is also backlit, which is a nice addition since the original model makes it difficult to see what’s on the screen as it did not have the inclusion of backlights.

There are two sets of buttons that flank the screen on either side. These are the Timer and Bluetooth buttons that are found on the left side, and the On/Up and Off/Down buttons are found on the right. However, not everything is an addition to the newer Pro model. Since it now has Bluetooth connectivity, it now lacks the 3.5-millimeter port.

Making drinks with the device, along with accompanying app, is a simple, convenient, and an enjoyable process. Just select the cocktail you would like from the app then tap on the Build button.. You will then see a flowchart of the ingredients and actions needed to create the cocktail. You are also given the flexibility of changing the number of servings to fit the situation. Generally, the drinks made with the help of the device and the app are made pretty well, even if you don’t have the skills of a master bartender.

For its premium price, the Perfect Drink Pro makes the creation of cocktails a fun experience. It is a great addition to a bar or even to your own kitchen. It does away with the need to individually measure ingredients. As such, creating cocktails becomes a faster process.


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